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Hawaii consisting of six separate islands and of the United States, It is one of the most parts of the world considered as a top destination for tourist. Feature the beauty of nature and unique diversity as well as beautiful mild throughout the year atmosphere. 

In Hawaii there are a collection of cheap hotels, hostels and guest house affordable accommodation which work with all travelers budget. 

Hawaii islands were formed of a group of volcanoes erupted from the bottom of the ocean. Million tons of lava from the inside of the earth created the surface of those islands. First Island created is Kaui, then Oahu, then Maui and Hawaii. 

Due to the difference in the dates of forming of each island, each island nature and the shape is different. The island of Hawaii is the youngest of this group of islands. Where there is the highest peak of Mount volcanic neighborhood and home run tend to extroversion little forest and the trees. 

In the Island of Hawaii there is the highest volcanic mountain peak. Its landscape tends to be flat with little of woods and trees.  

The oldest islands of Hawaii is Kaui, has nature scenery, heavy woods and very beautiful. 

The remaining islands of Hawaii has features can be described as a combination of the above two islands. The Hawaii islands are in the form of an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean with an area of 166 642 km. According to population statistics for the year 2000, the number of Hawaii's population is 1,211,537 people. Honolulu is the capital and largest city of Hawaii is made up of 19 main islands.

Hawaii is the last States that have joined the American Union and the state, which sets it apart from many others. In addition to the location of the last end in the American South is the only state that lies entirely in the tropical areas.

Captain Cook discovered in 1778 and has remained a crown a long time and was at that time under the reign of four local kings.  

Climate: Tropical Island, but it varies from one region to another depending on the location and the system of the terrain and the direction of the wind, rain and falling most of the year with the intensity of rainfall in the months of November and April.